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artist: flamingo pink!

song: worthwhile

album: trust

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band: rowdy shadehouse

song: slikskin

album: just the tip

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band: st. ranger

song: swoon

album: skatepark // swoon ep

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band: the matildas

song: baby, let me write your lines

album: vivian pickles

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artist: crazy eyes

song: close to death

album: book

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artist: oso negro

song: carpaccio

album: butchered ep

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band: the hoot hoots

song: home

album: feel the cosmos

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band: husband and wife

song: don’t rush

Album: i’ll wait b/w don’t rush

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band: strawberry runners

song: would you hear me? letters

album: strawberry runners

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artist: turner jackson & big j beats

song: emotions down

album: star destroyer

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band: greg harris vibe quintet feat. venus cruz

song: northside hunter

album: glass gold

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band: li xi

song: sheiks


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artist: dreamghost

song: crystal clouds


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band: ashen embers

song: tell your brother

album: shadow mountain ceremony (demo)

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band: the vicious women

song: queen of nothing

album: queen of nothing